Sunday School

Classes                                                Age Range          Location          


PRESCHOOL - Jesus Loves Me, God Made Me, Jesus Is My Friend

            Honey Bees                          2-3 year olds            A302               

            Preschool                             3-4 year olds            A305

            Pre-Kindergarten                 4-5 year olds            A305


CHILDREN'S CHURCH - Jesus Loves Me, God Made Me, Jesus my Friend

            3 year olds - Kindergarten                                   A304


GRADE SCHOOL - Holy Spirit, God Sends Paul

            Kindergarten â€" 1st Grade                                 B212                

            2nd & 3rd Grade                                                 B203

            4th & 5th Grade                                                  B206


YOUTH - The Gospel Project (Jr High)

            "Real Talks" answering faith questions Biblically (Sr High)

            Junior High                    6th, 7th & 8th              B307

            Senior High                    Freshman - Seniors     B308



            Journey                         20's & 30's                    The MEZZ

            LifeSong                       20's, 30's & 40's            Fellowship Hall

            Heirs of Grace              40's & 50's                    Conference Room

            Cornerstone                  50's & 60's                    A308

            Koinonia                      50's, 60's, 70's                Eagle's Nest

            Emmanuel                    60's & 70's                    A309

            Cross Generational      70's, 80's & 90's            A307                                                                           


            Journey - book study - "Slaying the Giants in Your Life" by David Jeremiah

                        Leaders: Tom & Paula Eigsti     

            LifeSong - 'OT - "Adam to Jesus'"

                        Leader: Brian Moler

            Heirs of Grace - to be determined        

                        Leader: Shelly Schroeder

            Cornerstone - book study - "Daniel - Spiritual Living in a Secular World" by Douglas Connelly

                        Leader: BJ Heizelman                            

            Koinonia - the book of Revelation

                        Leader: Varied Class Members

            Emanuel - books of 1st, 2nd & 3rd John, Jude

                        Leader: Perry Finkle

            Cross Generational - the book of Acts

                        Leader: Nick Rempel