From our church for you:

Look here for our live Sunday Morning Worship broadcasts and Video Library.

Look here for our Pastor's Blog.

Look here for our BMBC Facebook page.

Look here for our BMBC subscription news service, "The Connection."

What is the gospel and how to share this Good News with others:

Look here for "Steps to Peace with God" to help introduce people on how to become saved, forgiven and start following Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Look here for a personal phone app of a clear and easily understood gospel presentation to share with your friends.

How to study and learn the Bible on your own:

Look here for a YouTube series of 15 short videos on Personal Bible Study by the late Dr. Howard Hendricks of Dallas Seminary.

Look here for a free downloadable copy of the English Standard Version of the Bible.

Look here for plans to read through the Bible in a year.

Look here for a one-stop source on the internet for many different versions of the Bible.

This section of resources is for listening as you go:

Listen here for podcasts from Dr. Ravi Zacharias, a leading Christian apologist and thinker with RZIM.

Listen here for podcasts of "Through the Bible" by the late J. Vernon McGee.

Listen here with your young children for podcasts of "Adventures in Odyssey," a series of dramatic Christian stories.

Listen here for podcasts of clear and relevant Bible teaching called "Insight for Living" by pastor and teacher, Dr. Chuck Swindoll.