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Feedback for the Interim Pastor

By Interim Pastor Charlie Worley

It's hard to believe that Marty and I are entering our 12th month as the Interim Pastor of Buhler MB. The challenges have been many, but the time has gone quickly. As we are now in the Pastor Search process, now is also a good time to look back into the past 12 months and also look at the present. This is a time to reflect and praise God for many answered prayers and God-sightings. It's also a time to be honest about the church. To do this, I invite you to take a little time and help me by answering some questions. So, here they are for your consideration.


What encourages and excites you about the current state of the church as compared to over a year ago?


How have you seen God involved in the life and ministries of our church during this year?


What could we have done better as a church during this year of transition and renewal?


What do you see as signs that God is renewing our church and has a hope and future for us as a church?


What do you wish your Interim Pastor had done that was not done this year?


What remains as the greatest need in Buhler MB after 11 months of renewal ministry?


Has your trust and confidence of the church leadership increased, decreased or remained the same throughout 2018? What improvements if any have you seen in helping to build your trust and confidence in the church leadership?


If you were to advise the next Lead Pastor of our church on what he needs to do during his first year of pastoral ministry, what would you say to him?


How do you see yourself serving at BMBC this next year?


What is the greatest prayer need we have for the next year at Buhler MB?


Please copy and paste these questions on a new Word document and then answer some or all of them. Send your answers to me at Or, if you would prefer to write a note to me with your answers, please give your response to me or to Julie or Bonnie in the Church Office. I appreciate and value your reply.


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