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Concluding Comments from Your Interim Pastor

Over the last 15 months, the beginning of church transformation and renewal has occurred in Buhler MB Church with God's help and guidance. This transition involved taking the church from a discouraged and somewhat demoralized state to a congregation with renewed life, energy and excitement over the search for and calling of a new Lead Pastor.


During these 15 months of renewal by God's grace, transitional skills and tools were used. These included an intentional prayer focus and strategy, conflict management and resolution, leadership retreats, home and church visitation and interviews, biblical expository preaching, a church health survey, town hall type meetings, a Pastor's Blog, a new church website, more frequent fellowship meals, the formation of a Renewal team and a Communication Team, creation of new church Constitution and By-laws, writing job descriptions and initial guiding policies, and leadership and coaching by your intentional interim pastor.


Throughout the renewal process, the congregation has been guided through five stages of interim ministry. These stages include (1) building relationships; (2) coaching and analyzing church information; (3) acting on the church self-study; (4) developing and implementing a strategic plan; (5) coaching the pastor search process. In this transition and renewal process, the church with her leaders has successfully progressed through 49 action steps. An added bonus from God have been several who have been baptized as believers, several new members who have been added to our rolls, and our average attendance on Sunday mornings has stabilized at approximately 175. Buhler MB now owns a new Mission, Vision and Core Values. For all these blessings, we are grateful to God.


In the last six months, the Pastor Search Team has also successfully worked and prayed through 35 action steps for the congregation with the result of successfully selecting and candidating Curt Vogt to be the next Lead Pastor. Pastor Curt officially begins his ministry at BMBC on April 1st


Before I complete my term as your Interim Pastor on March 31st, the work on contacting inactive church members will be completed with the result that their names will be removed from our current membership. Our inactive church membership list currently numbers over 500 people, some of whom have not been seen at Buhler MB for 30 years or more. Some of our inactive members left no mailing address or contact information, but those who did were given the opportunity to request continued membership if they desired. Grace has been the guiding principle in the final decision by your church leaders of who remains on our church membership roll.


Marty and I are grateful to God for your call to help coach and lead the congregation in a season of transition and renewal at Buhler MB. He has worked in and through all the members and ministries to get the church moving again in the right direction of spiritual growth, disciple-making and intentional transformation, and the future is bright and filled with hope. To God be the glory!


Marty and I are also grateful that you have entrusted pastoral leadership to us for Buhler MB Church. Thanks be to the Lord of the church.


In His service and for His Kingdom,


Interim Pastor Charlie Worley